Look At What We're Doing!

June 15, 2020
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So many of us are continuing to do things that are beyond our normal duties. Keep sharing how we are showing up and going that extra mile!

  • Praise for David Crozier. He has been tirelesslysupporting the campus through this pandemic ... asthe Finance Chief for the EOC, covering for Financial Aid, managing the CARES Act grants for ourstudents (we awarded nearly $4 million in grants),and continuing to provide leadership as the AVPfor Finance. The energizer bunny has nothing onDavid .... we are grateful for his dedication.
  • Kat Marian received from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)a new award, “Fuels Reduction - Eucalyptus TreeRemoval.” The total award amount is $297,984.This award will allow the removal of about 205eucalyptus trees growing on perimeter of campus (Petaluma Hill Rd. and East Cotati Av.) Theproject not only eliminates hazardous combustiblewood-species on campus but also supports the initiative to add solar canopies along the south sideof campus on East Cotati Avenue in need of clearsouthern exposure to harvest sun. Congratulations,Kat!
  • Katie Robinson has accepted a position as theBudget Director at CSU Dominguez Hills. Shewill be starting there on June 1st. We will missKatie but we are so excited for her and glad thatshe will still be part of the CSU family.
  • Whether working from home or on-campus,“thank you” to all our employees for enduring lessthan ideal conditions to serve the campus and thecommunity. It’s been hard, it’s been trying and no doubt it is uncertain, but we are all in this together and we are fortunate to have such an awesome team.Rob Cunningham with tall weed
  • Since the Shelter in Place orders went into effect,the landscaping department has been on reducedstaffing schedules, taking care of essential work. During this time,George Atkinson with tall weed some of the areas on campus experienced some high weed growth... on June 1st the landscaping crew sent out to see who could find the tallest weed. A possible winner was thebeauty found by Rob Cunningham. But George Atkinson’s find may have that one beat!
  • To The Day / Swing / Night Custodial Teams - I would like to express my appreciation to the true ROCK STARS of this campus during the
    last two and half months. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with these special individuals while they provided and continue to provide daily sanitizing/ cleaning/support services to our campus during these challenging times. Please join me in thanking the following professionals for what they have been and are doing to keep our campus safe and clean! Respectfully - Allan J. Goff
Melissa Jacobi Maritza Hernandez Sanchez Ricardo Guevara
Lucia Silva David Wambua Luz Gutierrez
Kidane Tedia Lori Palmer Yolanda Ruiz
Sergio Ortega Cristian Leon Stephen Evans
Grace Guchu Edward Hamalian Adelino Alves
Kathy Cronin Tyron McCarter Jose Ochoa
Maria Alves Clifford Ratliff Eduwiges Tellez
Samantha Phillips Bertha Lopez Guzman Michael Alvarez
Margarita Alves David Salinas Elsa Gonzales Luna
Daniel Garcia Bertha Avila Sanchez Rosario Silva
Jacob Stockton Soriyan Lng Brhana Embaye
  • Jen Barnett, Managing Director for Contracts, Procurement & Accounts Payable is especially proud of her staff this year! They had established a goal of finding $400,000 in savings this year. Not only did they meet that goal, they exceeded it! As of the publish date, they were able to save the university $1,097,155!!!
  • Elaine Leeder, Faculty member, sent the folloing to campus - Colleagues: This note is to express appreciation to Dana Twedell, Allan Goff and Luke Crawford for their recent superb care of the Anne Frank tree and the Holocaust and Genocide Grove.  Because of the pandemic I have been biking there daily and have watched the attention given to the area. I asked that the dead tree be removed and that was done quickly; then another tree was immediately planted. Then on Sunday I rode by and the man tending the irrigation system was on the job. Mr. Goff and I met to discuss future work in the area and I am thrilled to report that the landscape plan sounds beautiful. And Luke cares for the area on a daily basis! I am grateful that SSU is taking such good care of our campus treasure.
  • Neil Markley was excited to share that on of our former student employees, Samantha Sinatra, Marketing, has won 2nd Place in the NACAS 2020 Student Author Contest. This year’s topic ““How do auxiliary services impact students’ holistic wellbeing?” Writers were tasked with providing specific examples of how auxiliaries improve students lives. Her piece will be published in the July 2020 issue of the NACAS College Services Monthly.

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Some of our amazing custodial staff at work.

Lori PalmerBertha Lopez Guzman