Welcome Aboard and Celebrating Anniversaries

In March 2020 the following individuals joined the A & F Division of Sonoma State University or celebrated an anniversary!
May 1, 2020
Division of Administration & Finance

Welcome Aboard!

Jason Hight, University Police
Frank Soll, Operations and Engineering
Richard Shepard, Culinary Services
Soriyan Ing, Housekeeping
Leila Kinson, Parking

Celebrating Work Anniversaries at Sonoma State University

Victoria Irey, Facilities Administration
Kevin Dahlstedt, Operations and Engineering
David Dougherty, University Police
Haywood Brown, Operations and Engineering
Ming-Lan Joy Sun, Purchasing
Paula Hamdorf, Culinary Services
Greg McDivitt, Housekeeping
Melissa Jacobi, Housekeeping
Eulogia Sanchez Sandoval, Housekeeping
Kevin Alexander, Capital Planning Design Constr
April Seymon, Athletics
Edward Hamalian, Housekeeping
Michael Lutz, Culinary Services
Gabriela Chew, Campus Prints
Richard Reilly, Culinary Services
Mark Van Aggelen, Culinary Services
Rinika Pulupudi, Facilities Administration
Karen Carlson, Payroll and Benefits
Lauren Antoni, Culinary Services
Steve Bartnowski, Operations and Engineering

From David Crozier, AVP Financial Services:

Please join me in welcoming our new Financial Aid Director, Shanon Little.
Shanon brings nearly 25 years of experience working in Financial Aid in small private educational institutions, including Dominican University of California. Her work in Financial Aid has allowed her to work closely and collaborate with the Enrollment management teams to recruit and matriculate prospective students. Shanon is looking forward to serving at SSU now. “SSU offers an excellent education and is more accessible to a larger demographic, giving me an opportunity to help more students achieve their goal of a degree.” Shanon received her BA Liberal Studies as well as her MA in Management from the University of Redlands. She’s a member of the California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA), the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) and the College Board. She looks forward to meeting everyone, summer, and hiking and exploring the local trails.