Housing Oversight

The Oversight Housing Committee is responsible for offering broad-based feedback, input and perspective to the specific Housing Task Force Sub-Committees. This will help ensure the two sub-committees are planning thoughtfully relative to one another, and assist in soliciting broader campus participation as appropriate.

The Student Housing Task Force and the Workforce Housing Task Force were formed in the Spring of 2018 to address the need to provide housing options for our student population and affordable housing options for our faculty and staff. Prior to October, 2017, housing costs had risen more dramatically than wages had. Finding affordable housing options were difficult for many recruits and so many positions were left unfilled due to the cost of housing in the region. Then the fires of October 2017 destroyed over 5,000 homes in Sonoma County, stressing and already tight market.

The services of Bob Linscheid from Linscheid Enterprises, Inc. and JLL, a nationally recognized real estate advisor, were enlisted to assist us with assessing the needs of Sonoma State University students and workforce. With their guidance, and the support of the task force groups, Sonoma State has begun the conversations and started to explore possiblities. A preliminary demand study of the student and workforce housing markets was completed. 

Member List

  • Joyce Lopes, Vice President for Administration and Finance / Chief Financial Officer
  • Greg Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Elias Lopez, Associate Vice President for Academic Resources
  • Christopher Dinno, Chief Planning Officer, Development Projects
  • Jeff Banks, Associate Vice President Human Resources
  • Neil Markley, Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurial Activities, Administration and Finance
  • Robert Eyler, Dean, School of Extended and International Education
  • Nicole Hendry, Director for Campus Facility Services, Operations and Engineering
  • Erik Dickson, Executive Director, Associated Students
  • Arden Childers, Associated Students Vice President Finance
  • Michael Visser, Facutly, Economics
  • Bob Linscheid, Linscheid Enterprises Inc.
  • Richard Verrier, Administrative Analyst, Development Projects

- As of April 8. 2020

Student Housing Task Force

Workforce Housing Task Force