Student Housing Task Force


The purpose of the Student Housing Task force is to advise and recommend appropriate actions specifically as it relates to Student Housing (If the University were to develop new Student Housing, what would the appropriate size and characteristics of such a development, and what would be the financial implications of such a development) Pre-Planning, Pre-Construction, Construction and Post Construction activities and planning to the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

This task force will confirm all issues and/or options are considered that may arise or be of interest or concern to the campus in a timely manner regarding Pre-Planning, Pre-Construction, Construction and Post Construction activities.  These issues may arise from the Task Force Group’s work or be brought to its attention.


  • Ryan Jasen Henne, Chair, Dean of Students
  • Christopher Dinno, Chief Planning Officer, Development Projects
  • Neil Markley, Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurial Activities, Administration and Finance
  • Anna Reynolds-Smith, Director of Administrative and Financial Planning for Student Affairs
  • Stacey Murray, Associate Director, Residential Leadership and Development
  • Elizabeth Chelini, Assistant Director of Housing Services, Student Affairs
  • Nicole Hendry, Director for Campus Facility Services, Operations and Engineering
  • Katie Robinson, Director of University Budgets Self-Supporting Funds, Administration and Finance
  • Carley Chatterly, Associated Students, President, Student
  • Charles Mikhail Zabala, Student
  • Calee Spinney, Residential Life Coordinator, Residential Life, Faculty in residence
  • Richard Verrier, Administrative Analyst, Development Projects

-- As of April 8, 2020


  • Currently exploring the possibiltiy of a new Student Housing complex and building a more efficient "Traditional" first-year style housing complex. This has the potential to provide 400-600 new beds on campus.
  • Currently looking to update the Master Plan to address the above proposed project.
  • Student Housing build-out is proposed for possible start in Summer 2023