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At Sonoma State University, we are dedicated to serving our students on their way to achieving their academic dreams. The Division of Administration & Finance provides support to our faculty, staff, and students in a myriad of ways including accounting and budget, culinary services, event management, information technology, financial aid, human resources, risk management, law enforcement, facilities operations, and capital planning.  We have a talented team of over 300 individuals that help keep the campus humming and running smoothly every day. 

image of M. Monir Ahmed, smiling man with greying hair and facial hair, light brown skin, in brown sports coat, peach shirt and brown and silver stripped tie

We are proud to serve our campus community and are here to assist in any way we can. 

Go Seawolves!

Monir Ahmed
Vice President for Administration and Finance / CFO


The Seawolf Commitment

Our team are proud Seawolves, committed to the ethical standards adopted by the Associated Students:

Integrity - I will conduct myself with integrity in my dealings with students, staff and faculty,

Excellence - I will strive for excellence in my (academic) work and relationships,

Respect - I will respect the rights and dignity of others,

Responsibility - I will accept the responsibility to conduct myself as an ethical member of my community.