Campus Planning and University Space Advisory Committee

Charge to Committee:

This committee is advisory to the Provost and the Vice President for Administration and Finance. They are charged to develop and implement processes and procedures for managing campus space and facility use. All recommendations should be focused on creating a physical environment on campus where function, aesthetic quality, and physical characteristics are blended to create a desirable and inspirational atmosphere for students, faculty and staff. Areas of review include, but may not be limited to, selection of sites for new buildings and other facilities on campus, review of Sonoma State University's five-year Capital Outlay Program submission, the assignment of space, building and renovation plans, alteration to the campus grounds, campus planning and design standards, and the prioritization of minor and major capital requests. The work done by this committee will provide recommendations to the Provost and the Vice President of Administration & Finance for consideration of, regarding resource planning for physical facilities projects, improvements, and additions.

Actions and Priorities

  1. Develop and implement a space policy and process
  2. Review facilities condition assessments
  3. Review space anaysis and data
  4. Develop and implement a resource request process, rubric for analysis, and method for determining recommendations to the President that incorporates facilities condition assessments and space analytics
  5. Recommend priortization for existing facilities projects
  6. Review and recommend the five (5) year capital plan for Sonoma State Univeristy for 2019-2020
  7. Review base level agreements as drafted by the Associate Vice President for Facilities Maintenance
  8. Develop sub-committees as necessary to manage policies and processes

Reports to:

Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Administration and Finance/Chief Financial Officer

Membership make up:

Ex-Officio (by virtue of position held):

  • Associate Vice President, Facilities Management (Co-Chair)
  • Associate Vice President, Academic Resources (Co-Chair)
  • Green Music Center Executive Director (or designee)
  • Chief Information Officer (or designee)
  • Sonoma State Enterprises Auxiliary Executive Director (or designee)
  • Dean of the Library (or designee)
  • Director of Housing (or designee)
  • Assistant Director of Student Affairs
  • Conference and Events designee
  • Senior Director for Athletics (or designee)
  • Senior Director for Risk Management (or designee)
  • Chief Capital Planning Officer
  • Chair of Academic Planning, Assessment and Resources Committee
  • Campus Consulting Architect/Campus Planner from the CSU Chancellor’s Office


  • Academic Senate Representative (appointed by Academic Senate president)
  • Associated Student representative
  • Faculty representative, elected by the General Faculty
  • Staff Council representative, elected by the General Staff
  • Dean (appointed by Provost)

Staff (non-voting):

  • University Scheduler
  • Director of Campus Planning
  • Facilities Procurement Coordinator
  • Sustainability Officers
  • Facilities managers/directors/project managers (appointed by Associate Vice President Facilities Management)
  • Staff apppointed by the Co-Chairs to support the committee

Pertinent Policies