2020-2021 Academic Year

Ex-Officio (by virture of position held)

Dana Twedell
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management, Chair
Mike Ogg
Director, Continuous Improvement, Vice Chair
Jacob Yarrow
Green Music Center Executive Director
David Chan
Chief Information Officer
Neil Markley
Sonoma State Enterprises Auxiliary Executive Director
Lauren Hart
Library Facilities Specialist
Elizabeth Chelini
Associate Director of Campus Housing
Laura Monje-Paulson
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Assessment and Strategic Operations
Jessica Way
Conference and Events, Managing Director of Entrepreneurial Activities Operations and Adminstration
Nicole Annaloro
Senior Director for Athletics
Tyson Hill
Senior Director for Risk Management
Christopher Dinno
Campus Building Official/Chief Planning Officer
Elita Amini Virmani
Chair of Academic Planning, Assessment and Resources Committee (APARC)
Whitney Berry
Campus Consulting Architect/Campus Planner from the CSU Chancellor's Office


Academic Senate Representative
Yeymi Perez
Associated Student Representative
Faculty Representative
Rachel Napoli
Faculty Representative
Dawnelle Ricciardi
Staff Council Representative (elected by the General Staff)
Dean, appointed by Provost
Dennis Goss
University Scheduler
Kat Marian
Director of Campus Planning, Design and Construction
Patty Couret
Director of Adminstrative Services, Facilities Management
Jenifer Barnett
Managing Director, Contracts and Procurement
Megan Varnadore
Director, Sustainabiltiy
Staff appointed by the Chair/Vice Chair to support the committee